Video Series - Amazing Bible Facts!
Copyright from ICHTHUS FILMS  


At Grace Christian Center we are passionately committed to the Bible as the true Word of God. We read it daily, we study it to apply it to our lives and attempt to live the truths of the Scripture as much as we can discern and understand it's truth. We are ever growing in that understanding and application. The Bible is an incredible book--miraculously written over hundreds of years with many authors who were led by the Spirit of God. Though some have attempted to discredit the Bible as truth or as God's Word, the fact remains it is the most incredible Book ever written--and it is truly a love letter from God Himself to us.  These three video clips present some awesome facts about the Bible; we invite you to view, enjoy, and be confirmed in the truth and veracity of the Word of God. These were created and are copyright of Ichthus Films, and we thank them for their work. These only take about 6 to 8 minutes each.

PART I - The Amazing First Verse of the Bible!      

PART II - Something NEW for everyone!      

PART III - You WILL be amazed! Promise!      

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